Lion's pride 5k Glow Run and Dance-A-thon

Save the date!

When: April 12, 2019

Where: Goochland Elementary School

Why is this event canceled? 

We have had a limited number of volunteers commit to helping plan our events this year and in years past. Year after year, the board pours much of their time and energy into planning major events, such as our annual Trunk-or-Treat, the new Holiday Brunch & Craft, and our upcoming Silent Auction. Due to the lack of volunteers for the auction, we simply don't have the capacity to plan a 5K on top of it as it is just a month following the auction. We were all really excited about the idea of a glow run for the kids and local community and are deeply saddened to have to cancel. However, without help from other parents and community members, we have had no choice. Following the auction, we will be dedicating our time to planning the school socials and Field Day. Please reach out to if you'd like to plan any of these events. 

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