PTA Board and Officer Nominations





Everywhere we look, we see YOU in the GES PTA Future.

The 2019/2020 school year will be an AMAZING year with your help!!


Take a look at the positions below and let us know of any position(s) you may be interested in fulfilling. You may also wish to recommend someone you think would be an ideal recruit for a particular position. Click here to download the form. Fill it out and return it to school. We can't wait too hear from you!


The PTA President presides over all meetings, performs duties as may be prescribed in the bylaws or assigned by the association, a member of all committees except nominating committee and coordinate the work of the officers and committees to promote initiatives and goals.


The Treasurer has custody of all the funds of the association. Keeps a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures and makes disbursements as authorized by the president, executive board, or association in accordance with the budget adopted. Attend PTA Board meetings and present financial updates as necessary.


The PTA Secretary is responsible for attending all PTA Board meetings and record the minutes of all meetings of the association.

VP of Membership

Serve as membership chairperson. Act as aide to the president. Responsible for other delegated duties as assigned. Attend PTA Board meetings.

VP of Ways and Means

Serve as ways and means chairperson. Responsible for fundraising efforts and initiatives. Acts as aide to the president. Attend PTA Board meetings


Ensures all officers are familiar with the PTA bylaws. Ensures that the bylaws are up-to-date. Assists with the components of the election of officers each year. Attends PTA Board meetings.

Volunteers Officer

Coordinates and implements the Volunteer Program with the VP of Membership at the beginning of the school year. Liaison to Room Parents, oversees the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast Lunch or Dinner, and tracks volunteers’ time for Volunteer Appreciation. Attends PTA Board meetings.

Hospitality Officer

Liaison with committee chairs to provide and coordinate refreshments for various PTA activities. Coordinates with the VP of Membership to create annual PTA member welcome packets. Attends PTA Board meetings.

Communications Officer

Oversees all GES PTA electronic communications. This includes the GES PTA website maintenance and updates. The current website is on the Wix platform. Oversees all social media communications (Currently only Facebook.) Supports the PTA President and committees in promoting PTA activities and programs on the website and social media outlets. Attends PTA board meetings.

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