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Everywhere we look, we see YOU in the GES PTA Future.





Goochland Elementary School PTA is successful because of it's great committees filled with truly wonderful volunteers! Please take a look at the committees below and consider lending a very appreciated hand helping to create a fun and rewarding school year for our GES students. You won't be alone in your committee. Each committee has a resource of help from the National and State PTA as well as a direct link to a GES PTA Board member.  Let us know you want to be involved and contact us at We look forward to planning a great year with YOU!

Back To School Night Committee

Join the Back to School Committee and help us plan and organize a welcoming Back to School Night. This is a great committee to help the school get started on a fun and positive note.

Lion's Pride 5K & Fun Run Committee

One of 2 fantastic PTA fundraising events! Join this fun committee to help plan and organize The Annual Lion's Pride 5K and Kids Fun Run! 

Hospitality Committee

Spread your Love and that incredible smile!! Join us to plan and organize a variety of Hospitality events; Teacher Appreciation Week, Teacher Dinners during Parent Teacher Conferences, and a varety of afterschool PTA Teacher/Parent events. 

K-3 Social Committee

Parents of students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade, this is a great opportunity to help give these kids a break from the normal routine! Assist with planning and organizing the K-3 In School Social. 

The Reflections Committee helps to organize these works of art, submit them to the appropriate parties, and host a recognition ceremony for all participants at GES. When a child receives special recognition and is judged at the next level, the hospitality committee notifies the parents of any additional events.


Reflections Committee

Do you enjoy "the arts?" Give students confidence in their abilities to explore ideas and learn through the arts! Join us to plan and organize the Reflections Art Program entry and exhibition.  

Trunk-Or-Treat Committee

Help plan and organize one of the most popular events of the year! Join us to plan and organize this exciting event! We can't do it without you.

Dinner & Auction Committee

Let that inner Event Planner soar! Join us to help plan and organize the annual Dinner and Auction Night. Drum up entertainment, help procure donations and good eats for the evening, and/or assist with decorating ideas. Your creativity, frugality, and/or eye for detail are wanted.

Field Day Committee

This is another opportunity to sate the inner event planner in you! Assist with other PTA members to plan and organize the end of year Field Day celebration! Use that creative mind of yours to help give our students a much deserved day of spirited fun and games!

Duty Free Lunch Committee

We show our teachers we appreciate them throughout the year with Duty Free Lunches.  Assist this wonderful committee drum up and organize volunteers for Duty Free Lunch.

Box Tops Committee

Box Tops are wonderfully passive way to raise funds without a whole lot of work. Assist the PTA to plan and organize the events for Box Tops and to drum up fresh ideas for collecting and bringing new awareness about the benefits of collecting Box Tops.

4th & 5th Grade Social Committee

Parents of students in 4th and 5th grade, this is a great opportunity to help give these kids a break from the normal routine! Assist with planning and organizing the 4th & 5th Grad In School Social. 

5th Grade Graduation Committee

Do you have a 5th grade student at GES?  This would be a great opportunity to help give them a party they deserve!  Join the 5th Grade Graduation Committee to help plan, organize and raise funds for the 5th grade graduation party! 


Every year, the National PTA hosts an Art competition, called Reflections. The Reflections program puts emphasis on the arts in our schools. Every child is eligible to participate and should be encouraged!

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